CFFA's Charter is the “Advancement of Fly Fishing”. To that end, CFFA sponsors two Fly Fishing Sessions every year: Fly Tying and Fly Fishing, "the art of presenting the fly". Our sessions begin with the very basics of fly tying and fly fishing.

The success of these programs relies on the participation of our many members who volunteer to assist with the instruction.  As members explore fly fishing, they learn more and more from their experiences. As their knowledge base grows, the fishing improves. This is what we provide to our students, our fly fishing wisdom and knowledge.  There is no greater feeling than seeing a student catching a trout on a fly they tied.

We offer a beginning Fly Tying Class with six classroom sessions beginning in January and a beginner Fly Fishing Class beginning in March with four classroom and two on-water sessions.


CFFA Beginner Fly Fishing Class Outline

Cost for entire course is $30 for kids, $50 for adults or $40 for adult CFFA members. The course runs four consecutive Thursday evenings starting in March, plus two on-water sessions usually occurring prior to Opening Day of Fishing. Students must register by phoning Peter Naples at 860-620-2317. Students will need their own fishing gear for the on-water sessions.  If you need additional information please contact Richard.

Class 1 - Fly Rods, Lines, & Reels
Why Fly Casting is Different, Lines and Line Weights, Classification of Line Weights, Types of Fly Lines. Fly Rods: Design, Function, Action, Material. Fly Reels.

Class 2 - Characteristics of Trout and Diet of Stream Trout
Many fish can be taken on the Fly. ID Most Common Trout in the East. Trout Survival: Needs, Characteristics, Diet. Aquatic Insects: Mayflies, Caddis flies, Stone flies.

Class 3 - Stream Tactics
Location, Rise Types, Approach, Water Types. Factors Determining Fly Selection: Streamers and Buck tail, Wet and Nymphs, Dry.

Class 4 - Leaders and Knots
Basic Advice on Tying Knots: Backing to Reel, Backing to Fly Line, Fly Line to Leader, Leader to Tippet, Tippet to Fly. It is important not only to select the right knot for a particular job but to tie it properly. Poorly Tied knots will mean lost fish and aggravation.

TBD. Class 5 - Outside Casting Instruction will be held at a pond in East Hartford.

TBD. Class 6 - On-the-River Instruction will be on a section of river that is fly fishing only, no closed season.

There are no makeup dates for classes missed unless we need to postpone a class because of weather. In that case we would reschedule the class.



CT Fly Fisherman's Assoc. offers beginner fly tying classes running six consecutive Thursday evenings beginning in January. Cost for this course is $30 for kids, $50 for Non-Members and $40 for CFFA members. Students must register by phoning Peter Naples, 860-620-2317.

All required tools and materials are supplied. If you need additional information please contact Peter Naples above.


Class 1 - Streamers: Wooly Bugger & White Marabou Streamer

Class 2 - Nymphs: Tellico Nymph & Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph

Class 3 - Wet Flies: Dark Cahill & Turkey Tail Soft Hackle

Class 4 - Dry Flies: Blue Wing Olive & Light Cahill

Class 5 - Dry Flies: Poly Wing Spinner & Elk Hair Caddis

Class 6 - Terrestrial & Bucktail Streamer: Parachute Ant & Mickey Finn