7:00pm at the Veterans Memorial Clubhouse, 100 Sunset Ridge in East Hartford. Our meetings are free and open to the public.


The name of the talk is "Little Waters". It's about fly fishing small streams. It takes in the beauty of the forest, and lands where freestone brooks flow.  The enjoyment of angling for wild trout with small flies enables one to really put himself so very close to the natural world. 

I have fished all my life. Fly fishing since the mid 1970's. I enjoy fly fishing for a variety of fish, from bluegills and crappie, to trout. I'll take in the Farmington River several times a year but my love is fishing small streams for both wild brown trout and native brook trout. I have enjoyed fishing small streams from Maine to Virginia, and each one has its own special beauty. I tie my own flies, and have been doing so since the birth of our grand daughter in 2001.    


Alan Petrucci