Meeting Notice – September 9, 2015 

Connecticut Fly Fisherman’s Association Monthly Meeting

Fishing the Missouri River: by John Springer

 September 9, 2015: Time: 7:00 p.m

 Free and Open to the Public

Free Refreshments

 Place: Veterans Memorial Clubhouse, 100 Sunset Ridge, East Hartford, CT

John Springer, longtime CFFA member and editor of the CFFA newsletter will be our featured speaker on the 9th of September at 7:00 p.m., at the Veteran’s Memorial in East Hartford. The talk is open to all interested persons, and refreshments will be served. His topic is "Fishing on the Missouri River." Having fished the Missouri River over 25 years, John will share his thoughts and observation about his latest trip this summer. John considers himself very lucky to be able to fish the great Missouri in Montana. He will talk about the best places to fish,(not all of them), and where to stay so you don’t go broke. John began his fly fishing odyssey in 1986, when a fellow worker on the railroad gave him an old fly rod and some flies. The friend had no time to help John, but recommended another co-worker and he began fly tying and made his first 3 trips to Montana with this mentor. John became more involved in the sport and joined the CFFA, along with two other fly fishing clubs in CT. He believes the best way to learn about the sport is to meet other anglers and learn about the sport first hand

The Connecticut Fly Fisherman’s Association is a certified non-profit 501C3 organization and is dedicated to preserving and promoting the pleasures and traditions of fly fishing and to conserve game fish waters.

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 Come join us to meet new people and learn about the sport of Fly Fishing

 Submitted by: Dan Price, Publicity Chairman