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CFFA Beginner Fly Fishing Class

Four consecutive Thursday evenings starting in March at Cabelas in East Hartford, plus two on-water sessions occurring prior to Opening Day of fishing.

March 9 - Fly Rods, Lines, & Reels
Why fly casting is different, lines and line weights, classification of line weights, types of fly lines. Fly rods: design, function, action, material. Fly reels.

March 16 - Characteristics of Trout and Diet of Stream Trout
Many fish can be taken on the fly. ID most common trout in the East. Trout survival: needs, characteristics, diet. Aquatic insects: mayflies, caddis flies, stone flies.

March 23 - Stream Tactics
Location, rise types, approach, water types. Factors determining fly selection: streamers and buck tail, wet and nymphs, dry.

March 30 - Leaders and Knots
It is important not only to select the right knot for a particular job but to tie it properly. Poorly tied knots will mean lost fish and aggravation. Basic advice on tying knots: backing to reel, backing to fly line, fly line to leader, leader to tippet, tippet to fly.

April 1 - Outside Casting Instruction will be held at a pond in East Hartford.

April 22 - On-the-River Instruction will be on a section of river that is fly fishing only, no closed season.

March sessions are held at Cabelas in East Hartford, 6-9 pm, 2nd Floor Conference Room. Exact location of April sessions to be announced. Students will need their own fishing gear for the on-water sessions.

There are no makeup dates for classes missed unless class cancelled because of weather. In that case we would reschedule the class.

Adult non-member - $50.00; Adult CFFA member - $40.00; Youths 16 and under -$30.00; Adults who attend with paid youth may take course at no cost. Non-members will receive free one year membership to CFFA with each paid class. Maximum Attendance is limited to 20 persons per class, so make sure to register early. Contact: Pete Naples at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 860-620-2317 or Rich Gilligan atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..